Elves – Rolling Out

Elves at work: we’re fiddling with this nice fancy drop down menu of ours, so you might see some debugging code appear on the page.

We seem to have the menu dedupe working, although there are a few more scenarios to test.  You may see some blank screens appear when trying to access blog entries.  That’s because the blog software developers are working on getting various pieces of content to show up where they should – social networking buttons, lists of posts by the same author, etc.

Azrul (the developers of the blogging software) have very kindly fixed two plugins for us.  We’re experimenting with two more so expect some odd behaviour from the site.  Specifically, blog pages will behave strangely for a while.


2011-12-22 we’re updating versions of the social network software and testing.  We’re also moving the site to Germany, where we get the benefit of unlimited bandwidth for the same hosting cost.  We’ve been with our ISP, Hetzner, since 1999 and would recommend them unreservedly, and they’ve done a great job of moving the first batch of No Vanilla sites.  gamadoelas will be shipping out tomorrow morning, so will be down for a while


We are getting very close to rolling out now.  The technical approach we’re taking is to configure the live site up to a point where we’re comfortable that it is usable, and then copy all the configuration data to a development site.  After that, standard change control will apply and nothing will be rolled out to the live site until it has been tested and ok’d on the dev site.  This will prevent disturbances and outages on the live site (it has no effect on your ability to create content or interact with other users).


So for now the site may seem a bit changeable or unstable, but when we’re working on it we’ll post a frontpage article to say that the elves are at it – and you’ll know that there’s a lot of cobbling going on under the hood!

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